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Holiday time is here and I don’t know what to get for my family!

Holiday time is here and I don’t know what to get for my family!

November 29, 2017

Gift giving is in the air this time of year. We try to choose gifts that will please the recipient but sometimes we get stuck. What do we get the older adults in our lives? There are creative ideas out there and here’s just a few.

If you’re in Pittsburgh, think about taking your loved one to an event. The Phipps Conservatory Winter Flower Show is a beautiful way to spend some time together – most paths are accessible, allowing full enjoyment of the show. The Carnegie Museum of Art annual Trees show has begun, with this year’s theme being Children’s Books. The Neapolitan Presepio is in the same hall and always a treat to people of all ages. The Nutcracker is a classic and this year’s Pittsburgh Ballet Theater’s production has been updated with Pittsburgh landmarks and settings throughout! If you’re not in Pittsburgh, chances are your local theater and museums have similar exhibits going on and make a great gift for the older adult in your life.

For more tangible items, there are the simple ones people forget – stationery and stamps, gift cards, scratch off lottery tickets, and gift certificates to local stores or classes. Sometimes people would like to take a class but cannot afford the fees or materials. A gift like that has far reaching impact as it can help more isolated people become more involved. Food and drinks from favorite local stores help people eat, drink, and be merry! Clocks that show the date, time, and weather in large font are great gifts as are low care plants – give them something to care about, which helps imbue people with purpose. Memberships to museums or local sports memorabilia or gear are always safe and appreciate choices.

And for those who have everything? Make a charitable donation in their name. Giving can benefit more than just the recipient.

Happy Holidays!