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AgeWell Pittsburgh assists older adults and their caregivers in maintaining a healthy and independent life. Whether you have specific questions or just don’t know where to turn, we can provide answers and support.

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AgeWell Pittsburgh is a collaboration between the Jewish Association on Aging, the Jewish Community Center, and JFCS Jewish Family and Community Services. With the help of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, these three agencies came together 14 years ago to better serve the older adults of the greater Pittsburgh community. We found that through cooperation and teamwork, the three agencies could reach more seniors in more efficient and effective ways and achieve our collective goal/mission of helping them stay independent in the community for as long as possible. By having one number to reach many programs and services for older adults from several different organizations, AgeWell Pittsburgh serves as the gateway to maintaining the lifestyle seniors would like to keep.


Outcomes and Quality Measures: AgeWell Pittsburgh’s Commitment to Quality

AgeWell Pittsburgh is committed to improving the health and well-being of older adults, their family members, friends and caregivers and the communities it serves through quality care, education, innovation, and excellence. We are here to help every individual with increased access to programs while discovering meaningful ways to remain active in their own community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A family conference, moderated by an unbiased AgeWell Pittsburgh Geriatric Social Worker, can do wonders in clarifying the underlying issues that are hindering agreement. Careful objective evaluation of those issues and presentation of options for action are the key elements in a successful meeting.
AgeWell Pittsburgh offers a personal emergency response system called ElderAlert which, with the press of a button, connects the user with an emergency response team that will come to his aid not only in the case of a fall, but also in the event of severe pain or any other situation requiring immediate aid.
Any out of the ordinary weight loss should be checked first by a physician. If there is no medical reason for the loss, then there are two options. The first is to relieve the burden of preparation by ordering Mollie’s Meals, AgeWell Pittsburgh’s kosher home delivered meal service. The second is to ask for an assessment, done by an AgeWell Pittsburgh Geriatric Social Worker which may reveal, among other things, an underlying depression or some anxiety that should be addressed.
An option called care management has been a boon to out of town children whose parents are aging in place. With the regular oversight of an AgeWell Pittsburgh Geriatric Care Manager, parents’ health and well-being are closely monitored and reported to family members; appropriate medical appointments are made and kept; help in bill paying can be arranged; in home care ordered when necessary, and so on.
Caregiving is one of life’s most demanding jobs. Respite care provided through AgeWell Pittsburgh’s CareGiver Connection will allow your mother some time for herself. In addition, participation in the AgeWell Pittsburgh Caregiver Support Group would be beneficial to her. Adult day services through Anathan Club or the Irving Spolan Center will provide a safe place for your dad to go for socialization and stimulation.
Encourage him by example. Ask him to join you in participating in AgeWell Pittsburgh activities at the Jewish Community Center where there are options for exercise; interesting lectures; outings; classes; all in addition to a lunch program where you will meet many potential new friends.

Our Information and Referral Specialists are here to help.

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Jewish Association on Aging
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JCC Pittsburgh
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AgeWell Pittsburgh Service Providers

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Sue Berman – AgeWell Committee Chair
Mary Anne Foley – Jewish Association on Aging, Chief Operating Officer
Dana Gold – Jewish Family and Children’s Service, Chief Operating Officer
Jordan Golin – Jewish Family and Children’s Service, President and CEO
Skip Grinberg –  Jewish Federation, Human Service Chair
Ina Gumberg – Jewish Community Center, Board Member
Alexis Mancuso – Jewish Community Center, Assistant Executive Director
Wendy Mars – Jewish Family and Children’s Service, Board Member
Enid Miller – Jewish Association on Aging Board Member
Ilene Rinn – Jewish Federation, Senior Manager Planning & Allocations
Brian Schreiber – Jewish Community Center, President and CEO
Heather Sedlacko – United Way of Southwestern PA, Director Programs for Seniors and People with Disabilities
Deborah Winn-Horvitz – Jewish Association on Aging, President and CEO
Nancy Zionts – Jewish Healthcare Foundation, COO

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AgeWell Pittsburgh assists older adults and their caregivers in maintaining a healthy and independent life. Whether you have specific questions or just don’t know where to turn, we can provide answers and support.

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