At a recent AgeWell Pittsburgh service providers’ meeting (of which we have several annually), we learned of a new research study called All of Us PA. The research program aims to create a healthier future through precision medicine. What is precision medicine? It is an individualized approach to disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. It takes family history, personal history, traumas, nutrition, current living quality etc  all into account when looking at the person’s health. It is the medicine of the future.


The study is being conducted through the National Institutes of Health and they are looking for a diverse population to help make this study applicable to all. Older adults are considered an underrepresented population when it comes to medical research. It is important to have you as a part of this one. It involves some online questionnaires, some in-person medical tests, and a hearty thank you for being at the forefront of the new medical frontier.


For more information about the endeavor, go to or call 412-383-2737.