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New Choices for End of Life Care

New Choices for End of Life Care

April 13, 2018

End of life decisions are naturally among the most difficult to make. Emotions run high, knowledge runs deep, and confusion can often reign over all of them. Sivitz Jewish Hospice has a new palliative care program, Sivitz Care Choices, which can help calm the feelings and answer questions for families in need.


Palliative care is a multidisciplinary approach for people with life limiting illnesses that focuses on relieving disease symptoms ranging from pain to physical and mental stress. Sivitz Care Choices is a palliative care program now offered by the same Jewish Association on Aging staff that provides excellent and compassionate care to patients of Sivitz Jewish Hospice.


For many people, making the choice to stop treatment is a very difficult, and sometimes an impossible decision to make. With Sivitz Care Choices that decision does not have to be made right away. Sivitz Care Choices allows consumers and their loved ones to benefit from the integrative approach of hospice care, which includes nursing, social workers, medical directors, counselors, certified nursing assistants, volunteers and chaplains, while still seeking whatever treatment is available.


The numerous benefits families and consumers will have available to them through this program are two-fold. This program can offer the support of a medical professional that is available 24 hours a day for questions or to visit if it is needed. It also provides the emotional support of social workers, chaplains, and counselors for families and consumers who are struggling with physical or emotional changes due to a disease process.


The expert staff of Sivitz Care Choices will provide compassionate and individualized care to help you and your loved ones navigate the often harsh and confusing medical world according to your personal goals, and to maximize your quality of life. Call for more information today. (412) 422-5700