There are certain times when I need to escape…not exactly hide but be in my own world. As soon as the weather changes, I make sure that I have an idea as to what I want to plant. When I lived in an apartment, I had large planters and grew tomatoes, flowers and basil. Every year, I was surprised that my fire escape looked good and produced a harvest!


I enjoy the 2-spaces that I have available. There is a narrow plot near my garage that typically could be over grown with weeds. Instead, I easily clear it and add top soil and turn it over and within an hour (or the next week…), I place the vegetables. Tomatoes, basil, dill, cabbage and zucchini are already in the ground! (Last year, I actually planted artichokes with the hope of having them this year). A row of corn will be placed next and may act as a privacy fence unless the critters get to the corn before me!


The other area is near my hammock. I fill large pots with different annuals that are surrounded by my perennials (Yes, I also get these confused. I remember that annuals need to be replaced every year-hence, the name). I do not know one plant from the next. If it looks pretty on the picture, then I plant it.


As a pseudo gardener, I have the option of planting what I want, when I want and if I want. I can talk on the phone at the same time I’m gardening or choose this to be my quiet time. I just know that when the vegetables are grown and the flowers are in bloom, it makes me happy.