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Women “of a certain age” have recently redefined ideas of aging and beauty. These women are providing inspirations to generations and proving age is not a variable if you embrace your own sense of style. Social media influencers behind such blogs as Accidental Icon, That’s Not My Age, Senior Style Bible, and Style at a Certain Age on Instagram, have been providing inspiration to all ages.


Clothing designers and beauty companies have followed suit: 83-year-old Joan Didion posing for Celine ads, 74-year-old Joni Mitchell advertising for Saint Laurent, 74-year-old Lauren Hutton walking the runway during Fashion Week 2017 right along with the current crop of 20-something models. 70-year-old Maye Musk is the face of Covergirl, as well as the original nonagenarian style icon Iris Apfel, the subject of the titular 2014 documentary Iris.


All of these women are showing that they don’t want to look younger and that  women don’t disappear after reaching a certain age. Embracing where you are in life without being defined by it is the best fashion statement of all.