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A group of AgeWell at the JCC members from both the South Hills and Squirrel Hill went to see the Vietnam War exhibit at the Heinz History Center.


One of the South Hill members, Rose Gantner, donated some of her personal items to the exhibit.  Rose served two tours in Vietnam. She joined the SRAO (Supplemental Recreation Activities Overseas) program through the American Red Cross during the Vietnam War. She then served as a “Donut Dollie”. One of the pictures below shows her standing next to a picture of herself. Another picture is of Rose speaking to the group about her experience.


You can learn more about Rose here:

Another South Hills member, John Armstrong, spoke about his experience serving in combat zones in the war.  John was a sergeant in the Army , assigned as a combat engineer to the 3rd Brigade Task Force of the Fourth Infantry Division. He served for one year in Vietnam.


We are honored to know these veterans and we salute them!