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Family Consultation

Family Consultation

Often the hardest part of caregiving is getting your loved one to accept help—from you or from professionals. Family/sibling dynamics may also be a challenge. AgeWell’s Licensed Clinical Social Workers can help you begin the process of using a consultation about the current status of your loved ones and the next steps to take. Together, a plan can be developed for your aging loved one, based on the needs and wishes of those receiving care and their family members.

AgeWell’s Licensed Clinical Social Workers have extensive experience in working with families in order to address “difficult” issues and to get everyone to work together to determine future responsibilities and to develop a plan of care. Our staff can help families through any interpersonal issues and/or constraints that might be inhibiting progress on developing or implementing a plan of care for a loved one.  We keep the family focused on the objective: ensuring that loved ones are well-cared for in a way that is consistent with their needs and wishes.

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