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Elder Express 

Elder Express

Elder Express is a regularly scheduled van service in Squirrel Hill for seniors ages 65 years and older who live in the 15217 zip code area to assist them in getting out for day-to-day activities and to remain active in the community. The stops on the schedule are meant to be useful to older adults who would like to get to the shops, social activities, and educational programs. Participants need to be enrolled in Access (the county’s shared ride program) to be able to use the service.

JCC/Elder Express

Elder Express runs from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday beginning and ending at The New Riverview apartments. The stops include the Squirrel Hill Health Center, the JFCS Squirrel Hill Food Pantry, various senior living hi-rises, the Carnegie Library, the JCC, supermarkets, and the JAA outpatient rehabilitation.

Elder Express Schedule

Elder Express does not provide service on the following dates: 

  • Monday, 1/1/2024 – New Year’s Day
  • Tuesday, 4/23/2024 – Passover Day 1
  • Monday, 4/29/2024 – Passover Day 7
  • Friday, 5/24/2024 – JCC closed 
  • Monday, 5/27/2024 – Memorial Day
  • Wednesday, 6/12/2024 – Shavuot
  • Thursday, 7/4/2024 – Independence Day

For More Information

To learn more about this program please call 412.422.0400 or email us at [email protected]