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AgeWell at Home

AgeWell At Home

Seniors often want to remain at home independently but are in need of services. When people ask “how can I keep my father in his own home?” or “what services are there to keep my mom safe?”, we can refer to AgeWell at Home. This service can help seniors access the services they need in an easy one-stop access point. The Care Navigator can help the older adult or their family member receive in-home care, meals on wheels, transportation, and other resources and services. She can assist the family in many ways including by acting as a concierge for out of town children who have concerns about their loved ones, as a service for information gathering in order to move seniors to Pittsburgh from other locales, or help access long term care insurance policies.


Common Questions

Typically, service begins with an assessment. Visits are specific to each individual case and at times, a weekly phone call is needed while at others, a visit is required. Family members are kept up to date with the specifics of the case and are informed in a timely manner of any concerns or changes that are needed. Recommendations are made and the client/family makes the decisions on all matters.

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To learn more about this program please call 412.422.0400 or email us at [email protected]