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Tablet Café

Tablet CafeComputer technology seems to get more complicated every turn we make. But the Tablet Café creates a learning and social environment that provides support to help older adults successfully navigate and increase their comfort with the technology. The program benefits participants by providing them an outlet to pursue their interests and by enhancing their self-esteem and independence. Through the use of AARP’s RealPad, older adults are able to communicate with family and friends, educate themselves on pertinent topics, and enhance their lives through a forum that inspires them to easily share their knowledge and wisdom. The program is available Monday & Tuesday from 9:30am-11am for open use and Thursdays from 9:30am-11am with a volunteer who can provide some individual attention. There is no cost at this time for the current programming. For more information, contact Darlene Cridlin, LCSW at 412-697-3517 or [email protected].